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Lychee Slicer?

Any hint on what they would be doing differently or better than Cura and slic3r ? The only thing I could gather from their livestream is "we did it because we can" and "there's only two actors and we think the community would benefit from more" (they were speaking about Cura and PrusaSlicer), but nothing on why one would actually use their slicer apart from curiosity.
Not to mention that Lychee is a subscription-based paid* slicer. Unless they are really, really better than the competition, I don't think this is a viable business model anymore, at least on the hobbyist landscape.

* I am well aware they have a free, ad-supported version. I don't know about you, but I don't want to see ads EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I just want to slice and print plastic boats, and there are open source alternatives for that that are really good.
The SLA Lychee is well worth the money. We will see about FDM (but I don't think I will change to it in the near future).