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Question Mini Stealthburner on larger printers?


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Poking around seems like some folks have tried/done this, but I was curious what some of the pros and cons might be? I've been looking at how well my V0 prints with the Mini-SB and had me wondering why not use that on my 2.4 or Trident? To be clear I don't necessarily plan on doing that, both the 2.4 and Trident are rocking Galileo 2 and printing quite well so "if it ain't broke...". It might be something I might want to explore perhaps in the future. Though I'm not really in the need for speed on any of my printers.

in fact they all just have Revo's which also begs the question if the Mini-SB is good enough to go reasonably fast on a V0, using a lighter toolhead on the larger printers might have positive results for input shaping and things?

The Stelathburner setup seems a bit easier to work on, and the LEDs are way more useful than I ever imagined and it allows for modularity between extruders and hotends. Seems like it has better room for both heatsink and nozzle cooling as well. Mini-SB is a little harder to work on, but not terribly so (noting how much of a pain the Prusa MK3 extruder is to mess with), uses smaller fans for everything, is an all in one, I would guess has less cooling capacity but is certainly smaller/lighter.

Mostly idly curious more than anything. I've had this question in my head for weeks now and haven't found a lot of comparisons between these so thought I would just go ahead and poll the community.