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Need some guidance with Trident z squishing


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Clockwork 2
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I recently finished my 350x350 Trident and also set up Can bus, Voron tap, sensorless homing, and adaptive bed mesh. Everything checks out except for horrible z squishing. I printed an XYZ calibration cube which measured 22.7mm wide, 22.5mm deep, but only 12.5mm in height. I thought maybe I'm missing steps so boosted the current to 0.8 but the repeat print was identical.

step_pin: PG4
dir_pin: PC1
enable_pin: !PA0
# Rotation Distance for TR8x8 = 8, TR8x4 = 4, TR8x2 = 2
rotation_distance: 8
microsteps: 32
## Make sure to update below for your relevant driver (2208 or 2209)
[tmc2209 stepper_z1]
uart_pin: PC7
interpolate: False
run_current: 0.8
sense_resistor: 0.110
stealthchop_threshold: 0

This was a formbot kit. Can anyone point me in a direction to fix this?