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No "SAVE_CONFIG" option for z_offset with Klicky Probe


I use my Voron 2.4 with klicky probe, whitout the original z-probe. It worked fine until two klipper upgrades ago.
Since last two klipper upgrades I cannot save Z-offset values with SAVE_CONFIG. The SAVE_CONFIG option does not even appear on the top of the Mainsail page when I try to set a Z-offset. When I type SAVE_CONFIG in console the klipper restarts but no change in printer.cfg. It works for PID tuning and bed mesh.
Anny ideas?
No mention in klippy.log about Anny error related to z-offset or SAVE_CONFIG having problems saving something...

Cannot attach log. Too big, even in zip format
Hi, a message from one of Discord community members:
I don’t have a Voron forum account, but that person ^^ is missing the Z_OFFSET_APPLY_PROBE command if anyone wants to be their knight in shining armor (or knight-et)
In other words you should probably save the offset first by applying it either to the endstop or to the probe, depending if you use virtual Z endstop or not.