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Partial uploads over mainsail


New member
Voron 2.4 running klipper on BTT octopus and mainsail on a pi 4B. Uploading via mainsail's web interface on my home network.

I've experienced consecutive issues recently of partial uploads of files, where not all of the .gcode is uploaded and the printer just freezes before actually completing the print. According to the printer it is complete, but in reality it's just stopped midway through the print, pausing over a print with the heaters still on.

Now I assume this is something to do with my network, but I'm wondering if there's a way to force a protocol for uploads that's doing some sort of checksum on the file so I'm not caught out by partial uploads? In the interim I'm just using WinSCP, but it'd be great to "trust" the "Upload and print" button again.