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Smeared Overhang Corners


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Overhangs are killing me right now. I'm making progress but am not quite there yet.

I'm working on tuning my V0.2 with a Revo 0.15mm nozzle and Polymaker PolyTerra PLA. After clearing a partial clog I have eliminated my severe underextrusion issues. Now I'm just down to poor overhang quality and a corner artifact.

Here's a couple of shots of what I'm struggling with. As you can see there's some corner smearing on overhangs and that little divot on the corners--that's not the seam (it's actually the back left corner by the tail).

Nozzle is 0.15mm, layers are 0.08mm. Line widths are based on Ellis' PIF profile. Slicer is Orca 1.8.0b2. I have under Quality Detect overhang walls, Avoid crossing walls (@50%), and Extra perimeters on overhangs turned on. On Speed Slow down for overhangs is on, the rest off (I'll be experimenting with those settings). It's a new build V0.2r1 (LDO kit), cooling is set to 100%.

PA and EM are tuned from the Ellis guide--you can see the top surface looks great. I've dropped tempts down to 190C which helped a lot.

My searches thus far haven't turned up questions on this specific flaw or any solution. I'm sure someone has run into this, so any insight as to how to resolve it is greatly appreciated.