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V0.1 print overhangs


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After building the V0.1, I attempted to go through some of the published guides online and saw some improvements but prints still looked off. I decided to kinda reboot my slicer settings after numerous iterations and start over and just tackle one thing at a time. I'm sure you will see several issues with the part below but I was really curious about the overhang areas in particular on this V0.2 part. Fan speed for bridges is set to 50% up from the default. I've gone as high as 100% in the past and still saw some rough edges on these kinds of parts.

What should I be looking to change that might improve the quality on those overhangs?

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The overhang itself looks quite good except for the stringy parts. Almost looks like some buildup on the nozzle which is then wipped of on the overhangs. Perhaps fixing the overextrusion in other locations will also solve your issue here?
Are you using Mini-Afterburner or Mini-Stealthburner? Mini-SB had cooling improved, if it's not sufficient, there is still option for Dragonburner for example with 4010 blower fans.