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Phaetus Rapido 2 filament leakage


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I printed some long 14hr prints with red PLA.
Now I have some blue filament, and noticed some "blobs" of red filament getting deposited.
I took off the silicone nozzle sock and found a large blob of red plastic around the thermocouple threads and the heater block.

I have not gone any deeper, wanted some opinions first.
Where can the leak be???? I assume the only place is the heat break tube.

This photo is AFTER I cleaned the large blob off of the heater block area.

Any ideas???
I also assume the thermocouple is mounted in a blind hole...meaning filament can't leak out of a loose thermocouple.Untitled.png
I looked at this closer. Found that the nozzle was loose. I believe filament leaked out of the nozzle threads, and because of the tight silicone sock, it creeped up to the thermocouple.
Trying again with a tight nozzle.

Wish I Could have deleted my orig post.
Hold on there....if you think I should switch to the REVO, you need to give me the reasons:p
I did a quick read and like the ability for nozzle change when cold. What are the other benefits?
Does it use the same toolhead mount as the Phaetus?
Is the heat break really part of the nozzle???
Is the heat break really part of the nozzle???
Yes, and it's wonderful. :)

The Revo got a bad rap at launch, as it had few nozzle choices (none of which were high-flow), a single vendor with limited ecosystem, a single heater size, and had some early failure issues with thermistors. It was (and remains) a bit spendy too. So when you watch the earlier reviews on YouTube, they will be a bit more critical, often significantly critical, as it really was a one-trick-pony at the time.

But from the 2024 perspective, we have a much different picture. There are eight different types of nozzles (including high-flow, wear resistant, and high-temperature versions), half a dozen hotends, several dedicated extruders, multiple heater sizes, partnerships with other companies (eg, Bondtech for CHT technology, BIQU/BigTreeTech for extruders and hotends, etc), dedicated kits for Voron / Prusa / BambuLabs printers, etc, etc. Other hotends have their pros and cons too, but the fact that the Revo is the shipped-with default on LDO kits says a lot.

The integrated heatbreak is an amazing advancement. From the point where the filament enters cold, to the tip of the nozzle where it comes out hot, there are no leak points possible. Even for those times when you don't change nozzles often, this is still a welcome improvement over the old systems. (y)
Thanks Dave for all of that info. If I run into any more issues with the Phaetus, I will surely give the REVO a try. Wish I knew more about hotends when I ordered my Formbot kit.
No problem. And don't necessarily give up on what you have either just on my account- people have strong opinions both ways and there are pros/cons to any change. Just to me, personally, having had lengthy prints ruined by exactly the same leaking issue you had (but on different hotends), that single-piece heatbreak/nozzle of the REVO is more than enough to make up for any other faults it has. (y)
Try printing PETG and you'll appreciate that integrated heartbreak even more - no matter how well you tighten the nozzle, PETG will, uh..., find a way