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Picam V2 don't work


Printer Model
Voron 2.4
Extruder Type
Clockwork 2
Cooling Type
Hello I just bought a picam v2 it is supposed to work. I used this tutorial: https://github.com/mainsail-crew/crowsnest/tree/legacy/v3 and I have a video stream that looks like this:
the fps move but i've "no signal".
the command vcgencmd get_camera give me : supported=1 detected=1, libcamera interfaces=0

can you help me please
Also have a Picam 2, and struggled a bit to get it working...
Had to activate Picam support (raspi-config)
Got very poor results, until I switched to ustreamer instead of mjpeg

Here's my crowsnest.conf contents :

[crowsnest] log_path: /home/pi/printer_data/logs/crowsnest.log log_level: debug # Valid Options are quiet/verbose/debug delete_log: true # Deletes log on every restart, if set to true no_proxy: false [cam picam] mode: ustreamer # ustreamer - Provides mjpg and snapshots. (All devices) # camera-streamer - Provides webrtc, mjpg and snapshots. (rpi + Raspi OS based only) enable_rtsp: false # If camera-streamer is used, this enables also usage of an rtsp server rtsp_port: 8554 # Set different ports for each device! port: 8080 # HTTP/MJPG Stream/Snapshot Port device: /dev/video0 # See Log for available ... resolution: 1024x768 max_fps: 15 # If Hardware Supports this it will be forced, otherwise ignored/coerced.

And the web browser : http://voron-0.local/webcam/?action=stream
Sorry, no.

Forgot to say... Of course, I also was using the FPC cable on the wrong side at some point, so there was no electrical contact....