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How many hours do people get on their machines before the Omron probe fails on them due to heat?
What’s the most reasonable next step? Klicky?
It depends on if the probe is genuine Omron with the polycarbonate housing or if it's a "B" stock (aka fake) Omron with the ABS housing. Also depends on how much printing is done at elevated chamber temperatures. Some get 100 hours, some get 400 hours. Some replace with another inductive probe, some go Klicky or Euclid.
I've had the same Omron probe since march 2020, from a formbot kit (looks genuine, can't say for sure that it is). I can't say for sure how may hours it has run because I've reinstalled klipper/mainsail several times, but I'd be very confident saying it has more than 1000 hours printing a mix of say 2/3rd ABS @265C (110bed) enclosed with bed fans, 1/3rd PLA, all of that with a full bed mesh before every print. Is it deformed a bit by the heat ? Yes, but when I saw this I put some Kapton to shield it a bit and it hasn't given me any signs of failure..... yet.