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Problem building Z-Drive #3


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I assembled and installed the first two z-drives with no issue. But when I started assembling the belt drive for the third z-drive that is when the proverbial shit hit the fan. None of the 625 bearings would fit onto the shaft. Measuring the shaft yielded a value of 4.9mm while the inside diameter of all my 625 bearing was 4.80-4.81 mm. Has anyone else had this problem? I suppose I could grind or use emery cloth to make it fit but I'm unsure of the final results. Any comments or suggestions
Hi, where did you get those parts? It is possible they are out of tolerance a bit.

Either way, you can file those shafts a bit, possibly use a drill to spin them and run around with sandpaper. That's how it was done back with 2.2 maybe even earlier when pulleys used pins.
All parts were purchased from KB3D but of course they were all made in China. I sort of knew the answer before I asked but I guess I was in denial...building this printer has almost been as much fun as having my eyes poked out with a burnt stick...
I ordered parts from KB3D and their pulleys were gates brand. Their pins / shafts were cut and fit perfectly in the pulleys. There will be some tolerances and a drill with sandpaper can adjust the pins to fit better.
Yeah one of the reasons pin mod is not stock, or not used anymore. The variety of pin sizes and tolerances would mean a huge headache when kit manufacturer shoves whatever they find cheapest to the box.
I'm a bit late to this party, but our bearings should absolutely fit our shafts without issues. Bearing ID ends up playing the largest role, which is why we use only ABEC-7 bearings. 4.81 is incredibly small and certainly out of spec on your bearings. Our shafts are also very hard, so sanding them down that much will be difficult.

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