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Question Problem with canbus btt


Hi, I need your help. Basically I had the bad idea of installing the BTT CAN BUS plate, specifically the EBB2209 + U2C. Leaving aside the crazy engineering choices, I've been trying to make it work for hours and hours but without success.
I did all the steps and followed all the tutorials possible, from yt to github and I had a stable connection of only 2 seconds with klipper.
Practically with the official tutorial I couldn't make it work, so I used the katapult tool (following the voron_canbus git tutorial) which actually made me recognize the mcu at the rpi but unfortunately klipper is unable to establish a connection. I don't know if it can make a difference but the cooling fan on the piece spins randomly, accelerating randomly and making strange noises, even when only giving 24v. I apologize for any errors and for forgetting something, but I'm really mentally tired that I can't think. I leave the logs attached. If I need to add any information please let me know.
Thank you.


  • klippy.log
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1.Which board are you using?
2. What does the CanBoot setting look like?
3.What does the Klipper setting look like?
And the setting from the motherboard
You actually don't need the BIGTREETECH U2C V2.1 if you set it via USB to CAN bus bridge mode in setting for the mainboard
Is your cabling correct? with the ebb face up, i believe, it should be power bottom left, ground bottom right, can hi, top left, can lo top right
sorry for the delay, you won't believe it but after being turned off for a week, today when it was turned back on it worked without problems. Klipper mysteries :)