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Question about sourcing.


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Voron 2.4 (350x350x350
Hi, my first post here so I hope I am posting this in a correct place.
I am purchasing the parts necessary to build my Voron 2.4 (350x350x350). I am almost done with all the purchases but I got a quick question about this one item.

For 22AWG PTFE wire (250ft total), the sourcing guide is listing this link AliExpress wires. I was a bit confused about this part. The sourcing guide mentions 76m total. Do I need to purchase 15 of these? And more importantly, should I purchase the same color for all 76 meters here or some color combination will be better?

Thank you.
The link you posted is for 5m (16ft 4in). You will need to order 15-16 quantities of the item to equal 250ft. As for colors, it is your choice many buy black and put heat shrink tubing on the ends to mark out the colors. Others will buy black and red to separate the power. I went from using different colors to all black with heat shrink tubing to make it simple. Plus I do not have to buy many colors or worry I will run out. You may want to buy 20awg for power.
if you are not running a toolhead board, the cable chains will not fit that many of the 20awg wires. Silver plated is not that important, but they need to be very fine stranded wires.
Yeah, that`s a good point. Ended up gettin 4 of 20AWG and 11 of 22AWG. Hopefully will be able to use some of the thicker cable and still make everything fit through the chains. Thanks everyone
By the way, does anyone know what these adhesives are for ? https://catalog.cshyde.com/item/pei...tem-pei-w-3m-acrylic-adhesive/36-10a-3d-14x14
I know it`s related to the build plate but I am not sure which part it is supposed to adhere to the plate. I got a magnetic build plate, do I still need these PEI sheets?

PEI by itself doesn't stick to anything. It needs a sheet of adhesive to stick to the build surface. If you got a magnetic build plate (which typically is a sheet magnet with a sheet of steel on top which sticks magnetically to the magnet sheet), the sheet steel (sometimes referred to as "spring steel") usually come with a pre-applied sheet of PEI. However even if it comes with one pre-applied those do wear out and will need to be replaced over time.
Sorry for my very poor choice of words :) I mean I got a magnetic bed (aluminium bed with magnets) not a magnetic build plate. Do I still need the PEI sheet from the BOM?
If you got just the magnet sheet, you will need a spring steel / steel sheet to go on top. Those usually come with PEI pre-applied.