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Voron 2.4r2 350mm Build Self-Source with Revo Hotend


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I am about 4 weeks into my Voron Journey. I purchased my sons a Prusa MK2 about 8 years ago and we have printer over 10,000 Hours on it and had a problem we could not fix so I started to look at a replacement. I look the the MK3s and I love Prusa but the design is getting a little long in the tooth. I was searching around YouTube and at the time knew nothing about Voron. I found a few YouTube channels and started my education. Interesting we fixed the problem with the MK2 but I had already fallen in love with the Voron 2.4r2 and had to build one.

I started looking around and decided what to order.
I decided to go with a BigTreeTech SetUp - CM1 with Pi4 Adapter with TFT50 (I will probably build a Pi4 if they ever become a price that makes sense but $109) is crazy)



I also purchsed 2209 Steppers fall all seven motors and the 2209 Canbus kit. I think I am going to not install the can bus kit out of the box just because I believe there is a lot of value in learning and growing with the machine before you update it. I will confess when you self-source a Voron it is a challenge to not want to upgrade everything but I am trying to hold back.

I purchased all my motion hardware from POWGE on AliExpress and so far I am pretty happy with it. Time will tell since I have not started the build but it look pretty good.

I also decided to buy Misumi Extrusions for the frame and process was a little confusing because you have to get a FexEx shipping account and ship them collect to that account but I figured it out and they shipped today I am excited to get them and check them out. I ended up paying $50 more for them then an LDO kit but I am hoping they are quality.

I purchased my hardware from Bolt Depot and spent almost $200 but I ordered at least 100 of everything because I don't plan on building one Voron and I considered this a seed order and have wanted to have some metric fasteners around for a while. The order came in 2 days well marked and I am really happy with it and it appears to be very nice quality hardware.

I decided to purchase 22AWG PTFE wire from AliExpress and of all my choices I am a little concerned I am going to run out of space in the drag chains. I have decided to make all custom wires so they can be custom lengths and nice and pretty and honestly because since I was a child electronic wiring has been something I never really mastered and I want to master it with this build. I also purchased 20AWG PTFE and 18AWG Silicon for the rest of the build.

I got the printed parts from PIF and I am really happy with the results. I looked extremely well printed and quality and I am really excited to start building. I worked all last weekend to pay from the remaining parts and have them all in a shopping cart but will list them when I complete the order next friday.

I also purchased a 24"x24" 1/2" Polished flat Tile at Lowes for a build plate and that is what I plan to use to build the frame on.
The CB1 will not allow you a camera, cm4 does. Also CB1 uses special image.
I've been that route.
I really love the klipperscreen on the pi-TFT50
The CB1 will not allow you a camera, cm4 does. Also CB1 uses special image.
I've been that route.
I really love the klipperscreen on the pi-TFT50
I consider this a stop gap measure but I also have a mini computer with 8Gb of RAM that I have been playing with Klipper on that would work but it would make my build look bad so I purchased the CB1 just to make the build look good and get it off the ground. I want to put a chamber camera and a nozzle camera in and also want to print a two color SB front cover as my first upgrade project but I want to get my feet wet first and learn the machine first.
Ordered the rest of my Voron 2.4r2 Parts Today:

Voron Revo Hotend with 0.4mm and 3 piece 0.2,0.6,0.8 add-on
Honey Badger Rails including 50mm Rail for future Tap Upgrade
ACM panels for Back and Bottom
LDO Motor Kit Rev 3
IGUS Chain Chains
MeanWell Power Supplies
Gates Belts (I purchased some belts that were probably ok on AliExpress but did not want problems)
KB3D MinMax 120V Silcone Heater (344x344 - 750W - 120V)
Precise Printer Parts 350mm 5/16" Cast Aluminum Bed
I am pretty happy with all my choices and ordered all this morning and and most has already shipped. I had some fans, shafts, and other small stuff as well but did not want the list to get stupid long.

My biggest question still is what wiring to go with from the board to the toolhead. My plan until last night was to go with a spec wire harness self-made and upgrade to a 2209 CanBus setup when I upgrade my stealthburner to add a nozzle-cam but I purchased the Toolhead board and LDO board with cable and may just use that for now to make the cables a little easier to run and also make the upgrade to Canbus easy because all of the tool-head wiring is basically the same just the cable to.from is different. Not sure at this point I plan to build the functional pieces and see what I do at that time. I am not real worried about the build as it seems pretty straightforward and because it is my third CNC type build in the last few years.

Excited about getting all the parts and hoping to finish the room this weekend that is going to be my computer and printer room.