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RCF statement on mods

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The VORON community has always been open to modifications of the design. A lot of the current spec design is due to the development of mods. The Mobius 2 and 3 extruders came from the BMGobius mod of the Mobius 1. The current Z-endstop switch came as a result of someone sharing a photo of a user's idea. Afterburner was born out of a direct feed mod a user showed off. V1.8 pretty much in its entirety, came about as a modification of the early V2. There are surely plenty more that can't all be named. One of the key design goals of the VORON project is to design a functional printer "out of the box". We don't want to require a bunch of safety changes or QoL improvements to have a happy machine. This is why we encourage a spec build. If you have design experience, or just want to tinker, please feel free to tweak to your heart's content. And if you're so inclined please share your creations in these forums and submit your creation to the VoronUsers repository on GitHub. We don't want to stifle creativity or enjoyment in this hobby. We just ask that you have consideration and respect for the effort the team has put into the project, and our continued development.

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