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Real 300mm in Z axis with direct extruder


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Voron 2.4r2
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Hi guys, I'm new to the Voron project, I obviously think it;s awesome! I'm about to start sourcing parts for my build and I would like to double confirm what is real Z axis travel in 300x300 spec Voron 2.4r2 with direct extruder (Stealthburner). I would like to achieve fully usable 300mm in Z axis and need to know if I should order 4 vertical profiles longer than in standard 300mm spec BoM.
Hi, the real height will me more like 20-30 mm lower due to toolhead. Order longer profiles, linear rails, and 9 mm belts if you need extra height. Go to www.vorondesign.com -> printers -> VORON2, and run the configurator for your desired print volume dimensions. Give there at least 50 mm more height, don't go to the very very edge.

This is for 300 mm 2.4.

If you run tap+stealthburner and try to use max X value 300mm and Z above 265mm it will crash the printhead into the front extrusions.
I reached the 300 in height with a tophat and removing the cable-chains (CAN-Bus) (2.4 300)

At the moment it´s limited by the length of the linear rails. Moving them a bit up should get some additional mm:D