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Replacing XY Endstop with Hall Effect Sensor on LDO Voron 2.4 with BTT Octopus and LDO Stealthburner PCB


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LDO Voron 2.4
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Clockwork 2
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Hey everyone,

I'm running an LDO Voron 2.4 with a Bigtreetech Octopus Mainboard. My y-endstop is nearing the end of its life and I'm considering upgrading to Hall Effect endstops. From what I understand, Hall Effect endstops require a 5V supply as opposed to the mechanical ones.

Has anyone here successfully powered a Hall Effect sensor directly from the BTT Octopus Mainboard? Or will I need to introduce a 5V supply with a step-down converter?

Any insights or solutions would be greatly appreciated!


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And for such a light load, any DC-DC converter might not be happy and you could end up with voltage ripple and other problems to chase.