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SB2209 (RP2040) Flashing - no UUID


New member
I want to setup the SB2209 (RP2040) Can together with the btt octopus board. I followed this guide.
Basically my problem is exact in this step. After flashing the SB2209 with katapult i get no UUID. I also read the instructions in the red stop sign. I quadruple checked all settings - katapult and klipper for octopus and also katapult (and klipper) for SB2209. I did exactly this for the SB2209 and this for the octopus.

I also did a
make clean
- just in case.After flashing katapult to the toolhead and running the
python3 ~/katapult/scripts/flashtool.py -i can0 -q
command, i get one device with one UUID - and this is the octopus board with "application:klipper". Not the SB2209 with "application:katapult". The rest before (flashing the octopus board) was flawlessly - i get exactly the output which the guide told me, no issues at all.

I checked the troubleshooting guide but i can't find the issue. I get 60 ohm between CAN_L and CAN_H. I also added the termination resistor jumper on the toolhead.