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Question Should I ground my frame?


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After 4 months of no progression with my 2.4R2 build I just started again and began to wire the electronics.

One question here: Should I ground my frame?

Why do I ask? My bed is obviously connected to ground and I thought that this should also connect the rest of the frame to earth (through the screws and aluminum connectors of the extrusion). But it seems like the anodized Aluminium extrusions are non conductive.

If I want to connect my frame properly to ground I‘d need to connect every single frame extrusion (edit).

How did you deal with that?
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I ground my frames. You scrape some of the anodised coating off and can attach that way. As your frame is connected to an unanodised section via the fasteners on each corner they should all be connected.
I checked for continuity between frame extrusions and found there was very little. I believe you are correct, that to effectively ground the frame, you’d have to ground each extrusion.
My printers are powered through GFCI protected wall receptacles, so I feel reasonably comfortable using them without frame grounding.
My whole house wiring is GFCI protected but I don‘t want to rely on that. I also tested continuity between extrusions and it was very low or not there at all. I‘d have to take out the screws that hold the extrusions, scrape the areas where the screw head holds the extrusion and reattach everything. But I don’t want to realign everything, too lazy for that
I know exactly how you feel. I finally came to the conclusion that if all your components connected to mains voltage are grounded you are relatively safe. I did add grounding terminals to the DIN rail that held the SSR for Heat Bed. Mine had no separate case ground terminal.