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Solved Silly question about the SB LED Diffuser


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I searched around for quite a while to see if I could find the answer. It's gotta be around the Internet somewhere! But in regards to diffusion material for making the front Voron logo look all cool and pretty, since it's not really a loaded part, PETG might be ok to use for that piece?

I see there are places that have clear ABS but it seems to be mixed with some other stuff and not available from the usual places I get plastic (Atomic and Push Plastic). So I was just going to use clear PETG. Well actually for the moment I was going to use transluscent ruby red PETG until I can order some clear.
LDO sent some transparent PETG with their Stealthburner upgrade kit that I presumed was to be used for the diffuser - I used it with no issues!
Oh really!? I don't think my LDO kit came with that? But maybe I just missed it :) I'll look again!