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[Solved] Nozzle temp


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when I start a print the bed temp goes up OK but then the nozzle goes up to print temp but I want it to go to 150 degrees before probing. Currently goes to 250(ABS) and then waits until it drops to 150 before probing. See part of printer.cfg.

[gcode_macro PRINT_START]
# This part fetches data from your slicer. Such as bed temp, extruder temp, chamber temp and size of your printer.
{% set target_bed = params.BED|int %}
{% set target_extruder = params.EXTRUDER|int %}
#{% set target_chamber = params.CHAMBER|default("40")|int %}
{% set x_wait = printer.toolhead.axis_maximum.x|float / 2 %}
{% set y_wait = printer.toolhead.axis_maximum.y|float / 2 %}
# Homes the printer, sets absolute positioning and updates the Stealthburner leds.
STATUS_HOMING # Sets SB-leds to homing-mode
G28 # Full home (XYZ)
G90 # Absolut position

BED_MESH_CLEAR # Clears old saved bed mesh (if any)

G1 X{x_wait} Y{y_wait} Z15 F9000 # Goes to center of the bed
M190 S{target_bed} # Sets the target temp for the bed

# Heating nozzle to 150 degrees. This helps with getting a correct Z-home
M109 S150 # Heats the nozzle to 150c

As far as I can see it should set bed to print temp and then after set extruder to 150, why is something jumping in between these macro lines to set extruder to print temp? I can see no other macro being called between the bed temp set and the extruder 150 set.

Thanks in advance.
Check the gcode file.
Your slicer may be adding commands to heat up both before the print_start
I've checked the gcode and all references to M109 are commented out as below.
#M190 S120
#M109 S265

The printer.cfg has an M190 to set the bed immediately followed by an M109 S150 so I can't see where any other command can change the nozzle temp as I thought the Print_start macro would execute commands line by line and only going 'out' of the file if another macro in there called it, or am I wrong in that?
Also the bed heater starts heating the bed but the extruder temp is not powered so stays at ambient temp until the bed has reached the print temperature.
Gcode comments start with ; and not #

I don't know why Klipper ignores # at the start of a G or M code line but it does. Change it to a semicolon and you should be good.

Comments with # in your macro work because those are config file comments, so aren't even part of the gcode template.
Well done ark and Morat, you solved it for me. I had this in my slicer gcode commands,
#M190 S[bed_temperature_initial_layer_single]
#M109 S[nozzle_temperature_initial_layer]
I assumed as hashed it was commented out but this was being sent in the gcode and as you rightly say the hashes were ignored and the commands were executed.
Once again many thanks guys.