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Something is sending BED_MESH_CLEAR command stopping my print?


My print was about 90% done when the following displayed on the Console:

4:24 PM Done printing file
4:24 PM Unknown command:"BED_MESH_CLEAR"
1:11 PM Retries: 3/5 Probed points range: 0.007500 tolerance: 0.008000

This is the second time this week I have seen the "Unknown command:"BED_MESH_CLEAR"" and the print ended prematurely. I don't see in the Gcode file the command BED_MESH_CLEAR. Anyone know what is happening? I'm using SuperSlicer. Is that what I should be using? Thx!
Are you using a macro that calls for a new Bed Mesh at the start of each print? If so that is where the bed mesh clear comes from.
I don't think that is your problem though. The fact that something is telling the print to end is the problem.

Can you see any pattern in when it happens? Maybe post a Klipper.log
Have you modified your macros recently? If so which ones? How about any changes to your slicer profile. Have you printed without issue before?
I have not used and macros. I've done several prints without and problem. In maybe 1 out of 15 prints it happens. I switched to Prusa Slicer and have done a handful of prints. So far it hasn't happened again but still too early to tell if was a SuperSlicer issue.