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Special CAN bus control board for Voron


New member

a while ago I started my Voron 2.4 build.
While going, I decided that I like the idea of having a CAN connected board on the toolhead to minimize cabling.

As I did not like the available ones completely, I decided to create a specific one.

So I ended up with the following open source project:

It already works quite well and my printer is one step closer to 'finalization' (I'm fully aware that it will never be finished...)

I just like to know if this is also interesting for anyone out there except me...

I am not in a position to sell this, but if there is enough interest we could try to get a batch built.

If somebody would have ideas how to mechanically integrate such a board more nicely into the overall toolhead design, I could also make a redesign of the board to match that.