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Question Stealth Burner - printed parts releases.


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The latch on my Stealth Burner snapped and I've neglected to make critical spare parts. Fortunately, a very awesome "rescue raven" with the Discord handle of CQComber was able to help me out. I found the STL at https://vorondesign.com/voron_stealthburner . I noticed that it did not quite match the part I had broken. The newer version had "beefed up" the area that had snapped on my SB. I still had the STL that I'd originally printed the part from so I sent both the new and the old STLs to CQComber and he printed both of them. I've now found that newer beefyer version doesn't seem to work in my Stealth Burner, but the old version or old release seems to work fine.

My question is: how could I have determined that the newer version would not work the older steal burner?