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Stealthburner CW2 STL question


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What is the difference between the STL files,in the Clockwork2 folder, for the cable anchor with/without the "SW" at the end of the file name (other than the "SW" being a tad larger)?
Humm, I was looking at them and could not tell. I would download both and slice them next to each other to compare.
The SW files are probably for Switchwire.
Found this in "Assembly_Manual_SB.pdf" on page 14, where the cable chain mounts are shown:
V2, Trident and Legacy use the same printed parts. Extra parts are included for SwitchWire.

Here's a picture with "chain_anchor_*hole.stl" to the left and "chain_anchor_*hole_SW.stl" to the right

Yeah, the SW files are Switchwire. I use the other ones on my Trident and they fit fine.
Okay, that makes sense that the "SW" extension is for Switchwire. I printed/used the other STL but seeing the "SW" extension got me curious as to its meaning...

Thanks for the info...