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Question Stealthburner for Ender 3 v2 Hotend /w CR-Touch


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I’ve got a Ender 3 v2 and I really like the look of the stealthburner, but I’m not really ready to drop over $50 on a hotend. Does the stock creality hotend work with the stealthburner? I’ve also got the CR-Touch ABL, and I don’t know if it would still work with it. Any advice or guidance is helpful.
I think the Phaetus BMS has the same dimensions and mounting pattern as the Ender stock hotend, and there is. Stealthburner toolhead for the Phaetus BMS.

I have not seen anyone use the CR-Touch with Stealthburner. There may be a mod for it here on the forum or somewhere else.
Yeah, I found an STL on printables the the CR-Touch to still have space to mount next to the Stealthburner, now I just need to figure out how to mount it on the chassis and actually print and build all the parts. I can make it out of PETG right?
I would strongly encourage ABS or ASA due to the heat that can build up under the carriage.
There is a github fork that uses the stock creality ender hotend and heat sink in the ducted toolhead portion of the stealthburner build. I don't recommend it after trying it. I wasted too much time trying to make that work and ended up doing much better on a ebay used universal version of the all-metal E3Dv6. The main problem with the CE toolhead was that you must use a V6 nozzle at the correct unscrewed length out of the heat block in order for the nozzle to get below your lower POM wheel.
I have the stealthburner running in my ender s1 pro (not anymora actualy), with CR-Touch integrated and E3D V6 Ceramic heater, works fine. Print in ABS, PETG is easily broken when you tighten screws and so on.

Sorry for any english errors...

Cheers from Brazil