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stealthburner not extruding


New member
hey everyone so i have a big problem : ( i just built the voron stealthburner on my ender 3 pro and its not extrduing, the gear is spinning but no plastic is coming out and its not skipping or anything :/
Hi, can you provide a bit more details? Which mount or mod did you use? Can you link it? Which extruder? Clockwork 2, Clockwork 1, or some other? Which hotend? There were some recent changes with Stealthburner and Clockwork 2, so if you use it with somebody else's parts, they may not fit properly. Did you assemble it according to official manual? Have you tried removing hotend and just push filament out through extruder if it's pushing it out? If you use Clockwork 2, have you set gear meshing and anti-squish thingamajig properly?

Can you post relevant Extruder and Extruder motor sections from printer.cfg?
Hi! So im using the clockwork 2 i did assemble it using the manual, i tried pusing the filament through, and it was coming out while the hotend was hot, but i didnt setup the gear meshing and anti-squish