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Switchwire homing


New member
Hello. I have a self sourced Switchwire build. I am running the BTT Manta M5P, LDO Nite-Hawk and a E3D revo hotend. I am using sensorless homing. I am having some issues getting it to home out the way I would like, witch is raise the Z axis before homing.

If I use this homing override it homes but without moving Z up.

axes: z
set_position_z: 5
G0 Z5 F500
G28 X0
G28 Y0
G0 X125 Y100 F9000
G28 Z0
G0 Z5 F500

If I change the G0 Z5 to G0 Z10, to raise the Z, Z will go up the 5mm, but X will not home. In turn causing the printhead to crash into the left side before homing Z. Y homing is not affected.