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Tool Cartridge PTFE Tube

Dave D

I'm am building a 2.4 for the first time and one question I have is which PTFE tube is used in the Tool Cartridge the 4x2 or the 4x3?
This one is usually 4x2 mm, to constrain filament path as best as possible. Reverse bowden, that tube from spool to toolhead, is good to be larger to create less amount of drag.
I pretty much figured as much, especially since I didn't find that small piece of 4x2 until AFTER I assembled the head! ;) And I thought I had gone through everything before I started....

Thank you for the help!
Don't feel bad, it's pretty common thing to forget about. It's probably the first questions asked when troubleshooting extrusion issues :)
Another newbie question. This is my first jump into Linux so I'm unfamiliar with editing the printer.config file. Voron says :

Additional Changes: MainsailOS only​

1. Add the following entry to your printer.cfg: [include mainsail.cfg]

Does it matter WHERE I add it? In the beginning, end, ???