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tougher extruder gear


New member
I am curious what would be a good extruder gear to purchase that would hold up to printing a lot of carbon fiber filament. If anyone has any suggestions, it would be much appreciated.

From what I gather online, a brass gear will work only a short time before the gears become too worn. A hardened steel gear is better, but I suspect there are a variety of hardened steel gears out there that are of various qualities and there are a variety of coatings that I read about. Hard to be sure what is really best.
Thank you for that recomendation. I wonder if you know offhand which of the two 1.75 mm filament gears is the correct one. I am ordering this for two college students who are working to get the printer back working.
That is going to be based on what extruder they go into. I think the 5.0 is pretty standard but you will have to double check.