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Question Transporting Voron 2.4 Long Distance


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Printer Model
V2.4 300mm
Extruder Type
Clockwork 1
Cooling Type
I'm moving (driving, with all my stuff packed in a moving truck) to another state about 2000 miles away. It's going to be a long trip, and I'm trying to figure out how to move the printer safely and minimize the impact of vibration and the bumps and jostles that my cargo will inevitably encounter along the way. Has anyone done this already who may have advice for securing the machine to minimize the chance of damage?

I'm already planning to:

1. Disconnect all wiring in the electronics compartment and pack those electronics separately (I used printed brackets for securing control boards/power components to the DIN rails, and they can slide around too easily).
2. Remove the print bed and also transport it separately.

My main concern is for the rest of the mechanical assembly, especially the belts, motors, and pulleys. Would it be best to fully disassemble the machine? Would it be enough to somehow secure the gantry to the frame and loosen the tension on the belts?

I'm also concerned about the wiring through the drag chains, though it seems that if the gantry and tool head are rigidly secured, there is lower chance of significant force being applied there. I have disconnects installed in the wiring near the tool head and A/B motors.

I'd appreciate any thoughts on the subject if anyone has any.
You have to make sure nothing moves there. I transported only Legacy, but what I did was ziptieing X axis to front (it was more comfortable to carry it) in a way that toolhead did not move. What I'd do is secure gantry and toolhead in one placeto the rear crossbeam. You can possibly ziptie bottoms of chains to their respective extrusions, and remove toolhead completely, leaving just X carriage. Removing bed is good idea too, it's the heaviest part theere, and if printer gets flipped around and it releases, it can cause some damage. When people ship PCs via courriers, they often pad inside with self-expanding foam, It may not be a bad idea here, although those bags are quite expensive.