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Ugly X Axis Input Shaper


New member
Printer Model
Voron 2.4r2 300
Extruder Type
Cooling Type
I've been trying to figure out what's causing my poor X axis input shaper results and have been struggling to isolate the issue.
Does anybody have any tips on how to proceed or what else to try?

Here's what my results look like:

Relevant Machine Details:
  • 2.4 R2 300 LDO Kit
  • CF Gantry
  • ebb36 CAN
  • TAP
  • Mantis Toolhead
  • CPAP
  • Funssor CNC XY Joints
  • Goliath Hotend
  • CNC Vzhextrudort Extruder
  • Rama Idlers
What I've Tried Already:
  • 110hz AB belt tensioning, 1 full turn tighter, 1 full turn looser
  • Gantry de-racking procedure
  • Swapping out Chaotic Lab CNC TAP for RC8 Printed TAP
  • Removing CPAP hose, removing ebb36, removing fan duct