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Understanding Interpolate and Microstepping


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Hi Everyone,

I just recently got my Micron+ serialized!

I've been messing around in the config and saw some options on the 2209 drivers for changing interpolation and microstepping. From the looks of it interpolate can cause some small accuracy errors 0.006 at 1/16 stepping.

What are the benefits to running interpolate and is it worth having it on for the xy and 4 z motors, and is it better to leave at 16 microsteps or push higher.

The electronics I am currently running are:
  • Manta M8P w/ BTT CB1
  • EBB36 over canbus
  • Moons XY and Extruder
  • Stepper Online Z motors
  • Sherpa mini on DragonBurner with Bambu Clone hotend.
More so just looking to better understanding microstepping and interpolate. I have the cutsheets from the motors so I saw I can use TMC Autotune potentially and add the stepper online motors to it?
Interpolate can help reduce motor sound and sort of smooth out the motors. Test it and see if it is worth running, if you don't like motor noise in some cases it can really quite the motors and other cases not so much. I doubt you can notice the missed steps by turning it on.

You can also increase your microsteps it will change motor sound and smoothness but induce loss of steps. Again probably not very noticeable. I typically run 32.

Auto is pretty nice to help smooth out your motors as well. If you do run it you can pull a Klippy log and see what values are applied to the motors.
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