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Been enjoying the Voron ecosystem since building a V0 with my sons. I am now starting a V2 build and have been collecting the mods that I want to do during the build. The Klicky concept really resonated with me and I have built one for the V0, both to build knowledge and to be able to switch build plates without worry. As I looked at the V2 mods, the other that was very apealing was the sexbolt mod. It got me thinking that maybe I could UnKlicky the mod to make it even simpler to put togehter. This is what I have come up with, but without a V2 to test it on, it is hard to tell if there is the repeatability needed for it to be used in place of a sexbolt. Electrically it does what it shoudl, but that is only half the battle. It is based on the Hartk form factor and uses 3 - 3x6 magnets and 1 - M3x12 screw. Ideally you would tap the hole for the M3, but could probably get by with screwing in a bolt to form the threads. The questions I have for the group are:
An attempt at putting this up on github​
- Would anyone be interested in testing this?​

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