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upgrade voron 2.4 with afterburner from E3Dv6 to >>> REVO voron <<< hotend


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voron 2.4
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Clockwork 1
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Wanted to upgrade my voron 2.4 with the standard afterburner toolhead from E3Dv6 to REVO voron hotend.
Is there any printable adapter for this purpose ? Or did I buy the wrong revo hotend ?
Attached a pic showing my spare E3Dv6 hotend and the one from the "Revo Voron" upgrade-kit.
revo voron - E3D v6.jpg


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I think you would have to create your own, or switch to the updated "Steathburner" hotend.
Does afterburner support revo?
I know for steathburner there is a revo hotend parts that you can print.
If you want you can do revo steathburner, with clockwork1. That way you don't need to switch motor.
Does afterburner support revo?
No, it doesn't.

Is there any printable adapter for this purpose ? Or did I buy the wrong revo hotend ?
There is no official adapter for the Revo Voron on the Afterburner, so you have two options:
  1. You can swap the Afterburner for a Stealthburner. That will probably need you to buy additional parts to be able to make the change;
  2. You can buy a Revo Micro hotend, as it is designed to be a drop-in replacement for the V6.
Switching from CW1 & Afterburner to StealthBurner may not be a simple job either. My Fysetc kit came with a 16 pin connector for the included toolhead PCB. The StealthBurner toolhead PCB's seem to have 14 pins. I was all ready to make the switch, but when I double checked the pin out of the connector (having heard some stories of fried boards) I realized my wiring was not going to be compatible.

Now I'm collecting parts and courage to try CAN bus...
Thanks for the answers, SchlongkyDong's hint works nicely.
Also found a nice storage for the nozzles: here . Had to split the front skirt because the long bridges over the honeycomb grid did not look the part.
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