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Question Installing a PT1000 on a 2.4 LDO Kit with LDO Toolhead Board


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2.4 R2 LDO KIT
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I just ordered my first Voron 2.4 Kit from LDO and want to run a PT1000 thermistor with the E3D UHT Voron Revo hotend so I'm not limited on temperature in the future.

The LDO kit comes with an Octopus v1.1 Board and I'll upgrade that to the Octopus PRO as it has the MAX31865 chip that handles the high-temperature thermistors and allows 48v steppers on A/B.

Q: Will the LDO Toolhead Board accept or interfere with installing a PT1000? if it does, can I just route directly to the Octopus Pro?

Assuming you are using a non-CAN toolhead board, the wires won't care what thermistor is running a signal through them. The toolhead allows two wires for the thermistor, you just need to plug them into the correct 4 pin port on the PRO and use the correct code:

# sensor_type: PT1000
# sensor_pin: PF8

sensor_type: MAX31865
sensor_pin: PF8
spi_speed: 4000000
spi_software_sclk_pin: PA5 #EXP2_2
spi_software_mosi_pin: PA7 #EXP2_6
spi_software_miso_pin: PA6 #EXP2_1
rtd_use_50Hz_filter: True
rtd_nominal_r: 1000
rtd_reference_r: 4300
rtd_num_of_wires: 2

I use a Pro board on a Switchwire with a stealth burner toolhead and an "analog" toolhead board (so all the wires).
Higher watts, so more torque. (side benefit of same size wires because the amperage doesn't change, you just double the voltage).

There's no benefit for reasonably sized hobby printers though. Need to get into 1/2 meter^3 and up print volumes and larger NEMA 23 or bigger steppers for that to matter.