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V0... Umbilical issues???


Printer Model
So I've been running my V0.2 for quite a while now (258 hours) and it runs like a champ, I even updated to the R1 version and is one of my go to printers.
but i have been having issues with the umbilical on intervals... it seems to have issues with continuity on the plug and the main pcb (frame side)
it runs perfect with a new umbilical cable for up to a hundred hours or so and then it starts to loose continuity until it becomes unable to print with.

does anyone else have this issue?
if so what do you find is the cure for this as id like it to be a bit more reliable
i have replaced the cable now 3 times in 250 hours print time.
or is this just something to consider a consumable?

to give a brief summery of my machine
full R1 upgrade
standard umbilical (strain relief at hotend side)
dragon ST hotend
Kirigami bed....
basically all the trimmings
After going through 4 cables I found a solution it seems. Use a tiny flat head to put the slightest bend In all of the pins on both boards. When plugging the cable back in it should be slightly tighter. Do not force it if it won't plug in. You probably bent a few pins too far. Bend them back a bit and try again. I Haven't had any connection issues since , and I'm still using a cable I thought was bad.