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V2.4 with CAN and TAP config file request


New member
Hello, I bought a finished 2.4r2 350 yesterday and found the BTT CB1 image was bad. The seller didn’t have a klipper backup. So I installed a fresh image and I’m trying to get her running again. If anyone has a printer.cfg file for a 2.4 with CAN from octopus to EBB36 and TAP, I’d appreciate the help!
Hi, here is example config for Manta:
You will then need to replace toolhead-relevand part with pins on EBB36. https://github.com/bigtreetech/EBB/tree/master are example configurations.
As for the Tap, you will need to take a look where it is connected on that toolhead board, and configure pins accordingly.
Rest is just generic configuration. I highly recommend you go through Initial setup in voron documentation, it will guide you step by step through pre-flight checks. https://docs.vorondesign.com/build/startup/