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Voron Commercial PIF (cPIF)


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When Voron started the PIF program, the goal was always to ensure that people got high quality parts to build their Voron with, at costs that were not offensive. PIF started originally with just Doc, and then other providers, who shared his sentiments also joined the effort. The program has had several iterations, starting just as people DM'ing Doc on Reddit, to a Google Sheet, to a different Google Sheet, and now to the current queue system. With the rise of commonly available kits, the demand for parts outside of the PIF queue also has risen. The slowing of the PIF queue, coupled with the increase in providers (and printers that providers have in their fleet), led me to begin looking at ways to 1) ensure that PIF providers did not have printers sitting idle, and 2) ensure people still had a way to access parts printed to my exacting standards.

After a long while of scratching heads, and consulting other PIF providers, we think we've arrived at a solution.

We would like to announce this morning the introduction of the commercial Print It Forward program (cPIF), in partnership with Fabreeko. This partnership will see Fabreeko handling the logistics of stocking/selling/shipping kits, along with customer service, allowing the vetted team of PIF providers to focus on putting out their best work in terms of printed parts. Now, this does not mean the normal PIF queue will be going away. In fact, if you want things that may be considered a bit more custom or one-off, the PIF queue will be the place to make such requests. Also, the PIF queue will be lower in cost than cPIF through Fabreeko, since they incur things such as credit card transaction fees, and the like.

Starting today, Fabreeko will have V2.4r2 and Trident kits available for rapid fulfilment, with V0.1 kits coming soon as well.

All of these kits, once again, are printed to Doc's standards, by vetted PIF providers, at costs we all feel are more than fair to you, the end user. We elected to go with Fabreeko as their obsession with doing the right thing by the consumer, even in the face of potentially losing money very much aligns with Doc's own philosophy for PIF. We would like to thank @Fabreeko_Hector V2.374 V0.430 for his willingness to work with us on this, and look forward to seeing many more kits shipped out into the world, leading to many more new Vorons built! The cPIF Section at Fabreeko: https://www.fabreeko.com/collections/printed-parts-by-pif
Cool idea ! This is a great way to implement this and really interesting to see commercial ventures agreeing on an odd procurement process like that !
I used cPIF through Fabreeko and I'm very satisfied with the results. Will printed them and I feel like he went above and beyond in terms of mod supports and parts. Thanks will.
I've got a Build Log going with pics of the prints and I'll outline everything related to my cPIF experience there.