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Voron Hall Effect X/Y Endstop PCB Assembled


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I'm having some issues with my recently installed West3d Voron Hall Effect X/Y Endstop PCB Assembled.
  1. The X and Y signals do not behave the same. The X indicator light is ON when not in the presence of the magnetic field, While the Y sensor indicator light is OFF when not in the presence of the magnetic field. While I have fixed this in the config file, I find it odd that they behave differently. (I have tested both poles of the magnet - this is not the problem.)
  2. The Y magnet is miss-aligned with the sensor board. I had to pull it out of the printed cavity and tape it in place on the surface about 6mm lower in order for it to trigger at all. This is also odd to me since there is no way to adjust the location of these parts. (No amount of adjusting the potentiometer would get the sensor to trigger unless the magnet was moved.)
Does anyone have any ideas?
For the first issue, you need to go through the calibration again. The behavior flips when your sensitivity is extremely off. (Light on when near magnet is correct)

I have no idea about #2...got pictures?