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Voron Revo and diamond noozle problem

Mike Eitel

Well-known member

I recently changed from Phaetus high flow with Bontec 0.5mm to
Stealthburner / Orbiter 2 / Beacon probe and Revo Voron plus Diamond nozzle 0.6mm

Revo™ Voron - 24V / Single Nozzle Kit × 1 Revo™ DiamondBack Nozzles - 0.60mm × 1
Unit Price: £78.65 Unit Price: £150.00

Yes I was aware that my max flow would be acceptable less, but I'm not stressing my machine anyhow to highest performance.
I'm looking for repeatability of "functional" parts mostly printed with ASA.

But also trying quite some hours I'm not happy at all....
Recalibrated everything and have nice repeatable 1.layer etc.
Did all "Ellis" stuff... again.

The flow is significant lower but the real reason why I can get good part anymore seems to be based on the noozles function.
I get nice first layer plus next ones when solid. But over infill sections I loose layer adhesion. Perimeters are fine.
I tried different temperatures with ASA also a bit with PLA. ( 100% fan )

Looking on the unrestricted output that leaves the nozzle I remarqued a thing I never saw on another nozzle before:
The 0.6 mm ( measured as that ) produces a string that is ca 1.2mm in free fall. ( ASA between 220C to 260C ) PLA (210) the same.
This explains in my eyes why there is no adhesion when no material is "under" .

Has somebody experience with a diamond nozzle and can help me ?

THX in advance
I think I can cancel this question.

I got the ( quite disappointing ) official answer from E3D that their diamond solution has the same performance as their normal brass nozzles.

So decide yourself.....