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What do you want to see in the V0.2 assembly manual?


I second @numanair on his points #1, #6 (I was weirded out why the screw is so long) and #12. I am a little embarrassed to admit it, since I have the knowledge, but I have not realised #12 is a simple mis-wiring and thought I had a broken switch before @timmit99 corrected me on that.


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I would probably swap the "magnet application" step on page 90 until just after install and tighten the M3x40 BHCS with locknuts (page 93). If you do the magnet last you don't need to put holes in the magnet sheet?


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- It would be helpful to have a parts list with pictures of the printed parts
- clearer instruction how to fit / preload the z-axis spindle nut
- the screw on the z-axis for the end switch seems to short
- give acleaerer indication how motors / their cable axis should be oriented
- which mounts are for which RPI configuration
- would it be possible to gve clearer instructions for setting up the software, setting the values inhte config and how to look out for typical pitfalls, it took me quite a while to collect this from all different sources and youtube videos
- give an indication and solutions for typical print failures / problems


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I ran into a minor issue in the Stealthburner docs where you install the heated inserts before testing for tolerance for the extruder parts. That was my fault (two-fold, I should have read further ahead and I forgot to re-calibrate my e-steps when I swapped extruders on the V0 that is printing my parts). That doesn't relate to the V0 manual but I bring it up since I did have some issues with getting the bearing mounted in the Mini AB that were probably tolerance related.

If there will be a similar section for the new V0 docs, having the tolerance/fit tests happen before installing the inserts might help avoid some oopsies.


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It would be helpful to have the filename of the printed part next to the image when it is first introduced into the manual.
we have this, spreadsheet with all the parts and a column showing what page they appear on, their name, an image, and eventually a link to the file on github as well


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I like what was done with the 0.2 manual. I will be gifting my V0.1 to my son when he graduates or I finish my current V0.12.. The V0.2 release is putting me a bit behind schedule :)

I just learned from the above comment that the printed parts and where they are used is in a separate document. (yay) Is there a table of the fasteners or BOM components used either by section or page? I know that this might be a difficult thing to keep in sync with the official BOM due to maintaining data in two places and/or all the options that are available during the build.

Lastly once I get my new V0 up and functioning it will be printing bits for my V2. I bought a bunch of stuff when the V2.1 was released and then false started again when 2.2 and 2.4 were released... I hope to be able to print/source the bits I need to complete it before the next release. Given the improvements to the V0 manual is there I place I can send my observations/notes about the V2 manual? I saw in the release you wanted to "fill in the details" for the builder that might be a bit newer to the process and didn't know the implied steps? I would be happy to keep notes/observations and send them on to the documentation folks to look at and laugh or use as they see fit.


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Is it possible to have a couple of pages near the start with all the parts that require heatsets? That's way they could all be done in one sitting, reducing the need to keep pulling out the iron. I loved all the "blank" pages. I might print some out to colour in.


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The Voron 0.1 was my first Voron printer, and although its manual was something I liked very much, one thing I missed was a users manual. Like I had no idea how to how to insert filament or use the tension knob on the mini AFB. The V0.1 was my second printer, for context. A short, separate users manual, in addition to the current assembly manual would be nice to have.

[200+ hours in, I now know too much about the mini AFB internals, sigh]