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what flavour?


So long story short, my dad got a V0.1 kit and has give it to me for the time being to develop some prifiles so he can start printing some bits.
i'm fairly new to superslicer, but am slowly building my knollege with it.
I have loaded up the V0.2 slicer ini but I'm confused as to why the G-Code flavour is set to Sprinter?
surely this should be set to Klipper?
Possibly an artifact of an old setting. No reason not to set it to Klipper. I use the Ellis profile (mainly for a V2) as my baseline and it's set to Klipper.

BTW, nice avatar.
thanx for the info, i too used ellis's profile for my ender 3 V2 and just adapted it to suit. works very well espicialy for printing my own v0.2 parts.
maybe i should do that for my dads V0.1.
just thought id start with what came off the github V0.2 file and see how that went.

thank you, it reminds me of one of my old cars i had, but mine was the Eunos Roadster 1800RS jap import in mica laguna blue. she was super fun to drive and drift
I'm a fan of prusaslicer. There seems to be a ton more development resources put into it and Voron/Klipper is now natively supported.
I currently use Orca slicer the most, then Prusa Slicer, then SS.