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Question What's wrong with my print?


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Sorry about the image quality, this is supposed to come out like a dome, but it's looking more like something else.
What's wrong with my print settings?

My Print:
I've attached the settings, if anyone cares to look. I could also take screenshots if that would be easier.


  • filament_ABS_Standard_24mm3_HatchBox.ini
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  • print_Standard_24mm3.ini
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It kind of looks like what would happen if your print needed supports turned on, with the center sagging and showing the infill. Is this supposed to be a flat-bottomed piece, or is there a raised section under it?
it's just a "coin" with angled edges on the top. That's either the top perimeters sunken in or the ironing pushing filament outward.
I'm thinking it's the later.