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Which printer as a base for a switchwire convert


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Printer Model

I am looking to do a switchwire convert, and i am searching to buy the donor printer which printer is best to use as the base?

A Ender 3 or maybe an anycubic Kobra? Which one would be recommended?
Which one would be recommended?
The one you already have.

Don't buy a printer for purpose of a Switchwire conversion, it just makes no sense from financial, end result and work put in standpoints.

Printer + conversion kit are not far off price wise from an entire V0 or 250mm spec Voron kit. And if you're mad enough to self-source everything, you can just set your money on fire for similar effect.
If you don't already have a printer for the conversion, just build a stock Switchwire from scratch, it's more time and cost effective.
Hi, unless you buy the printer for realllly cheap or pick for free from previous owner fed up with it, don't buy ender for the purpose of conversion. You can build Switchwire from scratch if you don't have donor printer, bill of materials and everything is published. Depending on what components you source and from where, you can get some good deals on marketplaces. It's longer and more tedious than buying a kit, but you learn a lot.
And if you're mad enough to self-source everything, you can just set your money on fire for similar effect.
I would not use such strong words. Cheap AliExpress kits have been around for the last 2-3 years, and they were NOT of any good quality when they started. Kits today are nice, yes, but self-sourcing still has its place, be it spreading the cost or picking and choosing your own parts. You are relying on what compromises the kit vendor made and what cheapest parts they/their suppliers shoved in the box. VORON is not Prusa; it's a DIY printer, so some level of effort is expected to obtain and assemble parts.
Ender 3 pro / V2 if you wanted to to an Enderwire conversion if you can get it cheap enough but you pretty much only keep the frame, steppers, bed and possibly the mainboard.

Otherwise, as above, go for the full Voron spec / frame as the frame has a much bigger footprint improving stability, no trickery with under unit electronics and you dont have to worry about incompatibilities - you follow the Voron guide and use the voron provided print stl's.

I have a Switchwire and a standard Ender 3 Pro - if I was to convert the Ender 3 over as well I, personally, would purchase the Voron frame and use the Ender 3 hardware where i could rather then the ender 3 frame - just my 2 cents.