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Z Home Over-travel


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I have an LDO Trident (stock). When I issue G28 Z0, the process goes as expected. But, upon close inspection, it seems the z-stop pin (attached on to the bed assembly) pushes the toolhead (stealthburner) that it deflects a bit. I adjusted the homing speed, but it does not fully solve the issue, I think the over travel in the z switch is little, but I cannot figure out what to do.
Do you have all the right screws in the StealthBurner mount? My Fysetc kit came with an odd mix of AfterBurner and StealthBurner parts. AfterBurner uses two screws that come in from the back of the toolhead into the X carriage. StealthBurner moved these two screws to the front.

I'm only a month into running my 2.4, so I'm FAR from expert on it. Try wiggling the toolhead by hand and see if there is movement. If there is, you want to get rid of as much as you can. Especially if you plan to move to Tap or Klippy.