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12V or 24V hotend?


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I am planning to build a v0.2 and wondering what the difference is between the 12V and 24V Revo Voron? Which one is the normal one to go for?
Also the BOM asks for a raspberry pi. I am planning to run Klipper so should I swap this out for a Klipper Pi or is it easy enough to install Klipper on a Pi? (I've never done it before).
Finally, is it really difficult to build? I have built a Prusa MK3S, but have no experience other than that. Would a trident be significantly easier?
Certainly 24V hotend, 12V is from days past and is not used on modern printers.

I am not sure what you mean by Klipper Pi - is it some clone of Raspberry Pi with pre-loaded klipper? If that's the case, nah. Go with Raspberry Pi if you have it, there are images ready for it and vast majority of guides are for RPi.

V0 is not difficult to build - this build is just more challenging than others because it's small and fiddly. Read assembly manual VERY carefully and pay attention to pre-loading nuts, otherwise you will have to return tens of pages back and disassemble third of assembled printer to insert missing nut. Pre-load some extra nut or two in some other places to mount filter or camera. I recommend using no-drop-nuts mod.

Good luck! :)
Technical reason is that you want to deliver watts to the hotend.

60 Watts at 24 vdc = 2.5 amps
60 Watts at 12 vdc = 5 amps

So you can use smaller wires for the same hotend wattage.