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2.4 300x300 build


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Building a 2.4R2 kit from formbot. So far everything is going good. The parts in the kit look good to me. I got a Revo Voron and a pi 4B 2gb to go with it. I am using black with white accent for the colors. I have been printing the parts as I go so it's going to take a while. I am really impressed by how well the printed parts are designed! so far everything has just fit together perfectly. Also there are little touches like how there is a little bump on the Z drive that aligns it on the frame extrusion. The build guide is also amazing! Printing the Z eyedler parts now. I can see why so many people are building these.

Here is what I have done so far.

Frame with the Z rails mounted

PXL_20221117_023455814 (1).jpg

Here's one Zdrive


Here are all the Zdrives and motors with the mounts


Zdrives and motors attached to the frame

PXL_20221120_014954568 (1).jpg

I built mine from a formbot kit about a year or so ago. Had to replace a few small parts so far, but I probably have 500+ hrs of print time on it.
I built mine from a formbot kit about a year or so ago. Had to replace a few small parts so far, but I probably have 500+ hrs of print time on it.
Thanks that is good to hear. It seems like they keep improving their kit as time goes on.
Z idlers done. Got some black on the white parts from a skirt that didn't get fully removed, good thing I am not a perfectionist. There is some space between the pully and the z tensioner , I don't see anything saying to put a shim in there. Printing parts for the gantry.



Got the front idlers and AB drives done. Had some confusion with the front idlers I ended up printing two of the same one but I think I have them right now.


Got the belts attached to the gantry. Go to attach the lower z joints to the rails and hey the screws aren't long enough? Seems formbot gave me M3x16 instead of M3x20. Gotta find some M3x20s now.

Got the gantry installed in the frame. I went to the hardware store and paid a lot for some screws. I had to settle for BHCS they didn't have any 3mm SHCS.

Now I need to pick what to use for the X carriage. I would like to use the tap but not sure if I would have trouble getting it to work. Also doesn't sound like the sensor pcb is available for a couple weeks at least. If I use the stealth burner or after burner I just use the carriage that is in the 2.4 stl folder right and if I go for the tap I use the one in the tap stl folder right?




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Got the Z and AB belts done. I recommend not using a pliers to tighten the AB belts. I tried and the end ripped off one. I was still able to get it done though.


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Not making much progress now and I have just been doing random stuff while I wait for my order from west3d. I want to try wire it up enough that I can move XY and Z.

Got as much done of the clockwork 2 and stealth burner as I can


Got the boards mounted