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2.4r2 gantry Y axis rails spreading


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Got a weird issue with my 2.4r2. I got the gantry fully assembled and noticed when moving the X rail in Y towards the A/B motors the Y rails spread out and it can't fully reach the motors. The linear rails are square to the extrusions. I've tried tightening everything up and it makes the problem worse. I know you square the gantry up in the frame but this problem is big enough I don't think that I will be able to square it up at all.


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It's hard to tell exactly from your description. But it seems like the width of the rear of x-gantry beam does not match the width of the rear of the gantry.

The manual suggests to leave the screws that holds the xy-joints to the x-extrusion loose until the gantry has been installed in the frame and squared. This is so that the width of the x-gantry can adapt to the overall width of the gantry. These screws are not tightened until the gantry has been installed into the machine and squared.

If you already have this and still can't push the gantry all the way back, then make sure that the rear extrusion is correctly attached to the ab-motor mounts at the correct width.

Also double check that you have used the correct extrusion lengths in the correct places. You can also check how well the gantry fits into the rest of the frame. That might give some clue as to where the alignment is off.
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