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2 bolts on the carriage mounting block


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What is the meaning for this 2 bolts?
In the stealthburner manual there is a space of 3mm, and in the TAP manual there is 2.5mm.
Do these bolt have to be tightened after the heaterblock is installed?
I dont know how Tap use this bolts. I use the Afterburner toolhead and the two bolts are ment to be used to ease the domounting and mounting of the heater block whitout dissasembling the front of the toolhead. On the Afterburner you lift the hotend fan suport, unscrew the two lower bolts that hold the heater block end slide it out. Otherwise if you thighten those screws if you wand to change something on the heater block you will need to demount the extruder to do so....
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When i remove the stealthburner cover, i can reach the two bolts from the front, i don't have to remove the extruder first.
Tap works the same for those bolts. They are there to position the hotend part.